Bangladeshi - Indian wedding in Florence | Giardino Corsini and Villa Corsini Mezzomonte

Exquisite South Asian wedding in Florence.  The first event was a mehndi & cocktails welcome reception, held at Giardini Corsini, a green oasis in the city center. S + R welcomed their guests with dinner and cocktails at the same venue under a thousand lights.

The main celebration was at the amazing Medicean Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte. The Bride and Groom wore precious traditional outfits made with the finest South Asian fabrics and sparkles.

The outdoor ceremony was very romantic and had elements of both traditional Indian and Bangladeshi celebrations.

After the ceremony, the reception was held in the majestic hall of the villa where the historical frescos and the elegant decorations were the backdrop to a formal dinner. 

The evening ended with dancing to a fun international music selection that represented the international couple and their guests.


Wedding in Florence - Villa La Vedetta - K+J | Trailer and Extended Film

A very elegant British wedding in Florence in one of the most exclusive hotels: Villa La Vedetta.

After a touching ceremony in the garden, K+J had some amazing shots in front of Ponte Vecchio and overlooking the skyline of the town.

After the portraits in Firenze they went back to Villa La Vedetta and ejoyied a glass of prosecco with their guests and at the sunset they were invited to the dinner area on the terrace. This is a really special place with a breathtaking view on the Duomo and the city center.

The reception ended with some fun music and dancing... and some unexpected fireworks on the background.

Enjoy the full Wedding Film too!

Wedding in Tuscany - Florence | Trailer - A+K

The elegant Wedding of A + K was celebrated in an exclusive hotel overlooking the centre of Florence, definitely the venue with the most spectacular view on Santa Maria del Fiore, the Dome of Florence.
After the touching symbolic ceremony celebrated in the formal garden of the hotel, the bride and groom decided to hire a luxury car to wander around the town to have some romantic pictures with beautiful backgrounds.
The bridal couple and their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner on the panoramic terrace and then had fun dancing until late.