How To Post a Video on Instagram

How to perfectly share your Teaser on your own Instagram feed with the best look and result

Step 1: Upload your video to Instagram

You can download your Teaser from any computer and then transfer it to your phone with Dropbox or Google Drive in order to maintain the best quality.

it’s time to upload it to Instagram. To do so, simply tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen in the Instagram app. This’ll open up a new window displaying all the videos and photos saved on your phone.

Tap to select the one you want.

Tap the “double arrow” button on the left in order to adapt the aspect ration and display the video correctly.

In case you want to upload multiple videos together tap the “Album” button on the far right to add more files to the gallery

Step 2: Select a cover thumbnail

We recommend not to trim or add filters to the video, it has already been edited and color corrected, there is a big chance to ruin the final outcame if you edit it.

You’ll find the option to select a cover in the same place as adding a filter or trimming your video, but we wanted to highlight this as its own step because once you share your video you can’t go back and change the cover.

The cover is the thumbnail image that will appear for the video on your Instagram profile, and it can be any frame of your video. To change it, tap “Cover” and then slide around to select the frame you want to use. When you’re done, tap “Next.”

Step 3: Share your video to Instagram!

Add a caption, tag people ,@waterfallvisuals_videography for example ;-) , add a location, and you’re good to go. Just tap “Share” and your video will be added to your Instagram feed.