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Natural light always looks best. During your morning preparations such as hair, make up and getting dressed near a window gives a natural and not artificial look. If it is possible, please already have your make up chair near a window.

A clean and tidy room will also help us getting the best scenes, point of view and a much better looking video, please ask your bridesmaids/groomsmen to help you maintaining everything clean.


There is no magic in magic, it's all in the details.

We love filming all your accessories in order to give you the best memory of that special day. Make sure to let us know what's important for you and to let us find some of them in your rooms when we show up to film your getting ready.

Stationery, invitation cards, shoes, dress and suit, tie or bowtie, jewelry, parfume or eau de toilette, watch, welcome bag, veil, rings, etc. just to metion some examples.


We love to use the audio in the morning of conversations and fun moments between friends and family. But if there is loud music already playing in the backgrounds it tends to clash with the music we will use for the edit of your film.

If the music in the background is too loud we will have to leave the morning conversations out of the final film.


Believe it or not guys, we really do want to get shots of you putting on your suit and tie. Please wait for our cameras to arrive before getting dressed up. These shots help us build anticipation in the film and show the details and thought that has gone into getting ready for the big day.


Capturing clear sound during the ceremony is vitally important to telling your story. It would help us a lot if you let your wedding offciant know ahead of time that the wedding videographers will be putting a lapel mic on them before the ceremony. This saves us a lot of time as we tend to arrive at the ceremony with only few minutes to spare for set up.


Those romantic, intimate and intriguing couple's shots you have seen in our examples are the bread and butter of any great wedding film.

The portarit session is the only moment when we will direct you in order to get the best light and the best situation between you. We don't want any cheesy pose or forced moment, on the opposite we need you to be as natural as spontentanous as possible. And of course being video we need a little bit of movement too.

We need you to save some romanticism during the previous days and then to give it all out during those moments.